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Mr2 Spyder Original Track Bar
Mr2 Spyder Original Track Bar
Mr2 Spyder Original Track Bar

MR2 Spyder Original Track Bar

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Taking out that old ugly plastic so your rear bumper doesn't parachute on track exposes the even uglier bumper support bar. Replace it with this much better looking track bar to gain much needed airflow and swag.

As an added bonus the bar without tow hook drops about 2.5lbs from the factory beam.

We have a few attachments like big wing pylons.

The plate box is detachable/ positionable for license plate trailer duty and then 4x10mm bolts and your track ready.

Tow hook will be placed on the passenger side and welded in place (If single hook is selected)



Install Notes:

locate where you would like your plate box. Add 4 pieces of included tape where the plate box will be resting to protect powder coating and double as a non vibration dampener.  (Tape is clear with white backer)

Bolts Must be tightened in a clockwise manner to ensure they are tight and vibration free. Push bracket and backer together with fingers while tightening bolts.