------All parts are custom hand built per order. Please read our build times before purchasing! (Click To See Build Times!) ------

Terms And Conditions

Boosted Fabrication parts are decoration /  novelty items and not intended to be used on street vehicles. 

All parts are custom hand built per order! We offer many products with multiple options on almost all products. Because of this, we must build your parts after the order is placed. Resulting in a wait time.

Please note that our standard black coating has changed pigment to one that picks up less oil. Some orders may have mixed pigment unless specified.

Also note that our logo has changed to a more modern design. We can still offer the old Logo upon request. Standard logo is now the new version. 

Engine Mounts: 3-4 weeks.

Brackets: 3-4 weeks.

Crossmembers: 4-6 weeks.

Bumpers: 4-6 weeks.

Subframes, Dash Bars and some Strut Bars will have a 10-12 week build time. These are very large parts compared to all of our other products.

Newly released products could take additional time to build as they are bought up very quickly.

Powder Coating can add up to 2 weeks to this build time as the parts have to be taken to another facility for the coating process.

 In stock parts are not guaranteed since some product variants overlap. EG: If two people buy the same product in a different version back to back it could result in a build time.

Professional installation required.

All Boosted Fabrication parts are built on and for USDM chassis as we're based in the USA. Any other market is not guaranteed to fit. It is also not our responsibility to know what parts will fit cars that are not in our country. 

Returns not accepted after 30 days. 

Returns not accepted unless parts are in perfect condition as how they were shipped, Returned parts that are not properly packaged will result in a 25% fee.(Must be bubble and shrink wrapped)

Standard restocking fee is 20% for good condition unused parts that were shipped back properly and free of imperfection. 

Returned parts can not have any install blemishes.

Custom color parts can be returned, however the coating cost can not be refunded as they can not be stocked.

If an incorrect item is sent, you have 30 days upon delivery to notify Boosted Fabrication for an exchange. 

Cancellation of an order will result in a 20% cancellation fee for our time, and materials.

Orders must be canceled within 24 hours of purchase as our parts are custom built, materials are ordered to build your order no later than 24 hours.

Order cancellation under 24 hours results in a 10% cancelation fee.

Shipping speed in checkout is not relevant to build time parts, Please select the cheapest shipping option. 

At the time of shipping the buyer owns the parts and is responsible for any shipping charges, transfers or claims. 

You must enter the correct shipping address with the correct format. If an item is undeliverable and returned to us the order will be canceled and you must place the order again with a corrected address.

 We reserve the right to change the design on any product at any time. Not all pictures match the actual product, some pictures can be outdated, or not the right picture at all. AKA "generic pictures"