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BLEMISH 2G DSM Crossmember
BLEMISH 2G DSM Crossmember

BLEMISH 2G DSM Crossmember

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This unit includes the jack point and front bolt kit.

The blemish is some chipped powder coating on the front tow hook from a drop.


The 2G turbo DSM chromoly crossmember replaces the OEM Crossmember saving 6 pounds over the stock Crossmember. (not counting oem radiator support bushings sleeves and bolts)


The only aftermarket Crossmember for the 2G DSM!


-Improves 60' time and reduces wheel hop

-Fits all 2G DSM with the 4G63

-Made of 4130 Chromoly

-Polyurethane bushings come standard

-Added tow hook

-Fully Tig welded

-Weighs only 6 pounds

-Includes install bolts


The bolt option is for the 2 front bolts as the OEM front bolts are too long. Does not include rear bolts.


 Also refered to as the north south bar or center member.