1G DSM K Member And Control Arms
1G DSM K Member And Control Arms
1G DSM K Member And Control Arms
1G DSM K Member And Control Arms

1G DSM K Member And Control Arms

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The BF Chromoly Front Subframe strengthens and stiffens the front suspension and body of the car.

The Subframe has extra bracing welded in to be strong and keep your mind at ease while adding less than a pound to the final piece.

Keeps the steering rack mounted exactly like OEM in the OEM position to keep the original feel in the car.

Our control arms will not bind up and add custom adjustability that no other subframe offers. Included are Teflon coated heims and spacers for increased life of parts unlike others.

The only 1G Subframe to have a sway bar option!

Pairing the subframe with a sway bar option makes for a fully functional subframe capable for any type of racing you're into. Will also include adjustable sway bar end links with Teflon coated heims.

Our subframe also has options for an east/west under tie bar that is also the first of it's kind for the 1G.

The BF front subframe is the only front subframe with customizable options for the customer to choose depending on how the car is to be set up.

 Saves 35lbs over the OEM subframe with the sway bar option. 

Non sway bar kits will reduce an couple extra pounds. 

The Lower Tie Bar is 2 pounds. 

Will come powder coated gloss black

You can also buy new rack bolts here to go with your new subframe. Your OEM bolts will also work but we've taken the guessing out if you're looking for new ones.